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Executive Information and Overview

NSX Executive Overview - Review of the NSX product capabilities and technology and how the value it brings to the table can help bring your organization into the 21st century with virtualized, software-defined networking.

NSX Multi-Site Architecture - An overview of the implementation and use cases of a multi-site NSX architecture and the components required to make it work.

REST API Overview - A high level review of the NSX REST API and the various functions it provides in order to bring full programmatic automation of NSX.

Implementing Zero Trust Using NSX Microsegmentation - A review of how NSX can use it's unique microsegmentation capability to help an organization implement a zero trust networking model.


Using NSX in vRealize Automation Blueprints - An overview of the NSX integration process with vRealize Automation and a high level review of the components that can be used in blueprints to automate NSX operations.


How to Redeploy NSX Controller NodesFrom time to time for various reasons, NSX controller nodes may stop working or become corrupted.  The reasons for this are varied and perhaps not always clear.  Because of the architecture of NSX, it is often the easiest strategy to redeploy controller nodes in the case of a failure or corruption because it’s much faster to redeploy nodes than it might otherwise be to troubleshoot them.