Enterprise IT Consulting Services

Stop putting out fires and start investing in the future.

We've seen it a thousand times - the IT shop is inundated with support tickets for outages, slow desktops, apps not responding, you name it. Your team has no time to properly consider what they're going to have for lunch, let alone what IT projects to implement that will affect the trajectory of your business for years to come.

This is no way to operate, and it's not your fault. It's easy to fall victim to this condition, and it's usually a vicious circle that continues to draw you down. Fortunately, it can be fixed, and we can help.

We start the journey with a free joint consulting and strategy session where we work with you to identify your problem areas and pain points. We turn these into a plan of action that is broken into two phases: 1) take you from frustration to free time by relieving the pressure and resolving your lingering problems; and 2) identify your future-state goals and a plan to get from here to there.

We offer this discovery and planning service for free. You can take the plan we build from this session and implement it yourself, give it to your current provider, or work with us to help guide you through it and beyond. We believe you'll see the value of working with us from this initial session, but if for some reason you don't, you can move on risk-free.

LTX Systems has expertise across the Enterprise IT spectrum in a wide variety of environments, ranging from 100 users to 50,000 users across small business, commercial enterprise, state/local and Federal customers. We are happy to bring that experience to your benefit and help build a plan of action. We can assist in product selection, project management, IT architecture, and more.

Consulting Services

LTX Systems offers a wide range of enterprise IT consulting services for the following project types.

  • Enterprise IT Architecture - End-to-end system design including stakeholder interviews, process breakdowns and detailed architecture drawings as well as general advice and consulting.
  • Automation & Orchestration - We like to automate everything we can, as long as it makes sense to do so.  This could include popular tools like Chef and Ansible or cloud tools like vRealize Automation and Cloud Forms.
  • DevOps Tooling - A more specific use case for automation is the DevOps toolchain, which uses a set of tools glued together to make a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline.  Setting up DevOps tooling makes the most sense when your processes have been overhauled to accomodate changes to the development and operations portions of your app delivery and maintenance teams.
  • Network Design - End-to-end network design, including Software-defined networking.
  • Software-Defined Datacenter - From virtualization to next-gen ops and automation, the SDDC is a full-stack implementation of datacenter automation.
  • Software-Defined Networking - Software-defined networking is a framework for abstracting the network from the underlying physical switches and routers.  SDN takes various forms, but the most optimal implementation can work seamlessly with your private/hybrid cloud provider in order to get the most bang for your automation buck.
  • Private Cloud - Most implementations of private cloud include automation of the most common IT options delivered to end-users.  The private cloud journey usually starts with self-service delivery of commodity compute nodes and advances toward cloud native platform delivery.
  • Hybrid Cloud - Hybrid cloud is an attractive option for IT enterprises who have a private cloud, but want to stretch into the public cloud in order to offer burst capacity, specialized service not available in their private cloud, for agility, and for cost optimization.
  • Datacenter Modernization - Many organizations are still struggling with legacy systems and need to get moving to a modernized datacenter implementation.  Get modernized will not only increase cost efficiency, but will also enable future-state architectures involving software-defined constructs and public cloud integrations.


We are also available for emergency/urgent problem resolution.

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