vRealize Orchestrator

How to Export a Workflow Package in VMware vRealize Orchestrator and Import it on Another Server

Workflow packages are exactly what they sound like – a collection of workflows compressed into a package format that can be imported on one or more target servers.  Actually, they’re a little more than that: they also contain other components necessary for workflow dependencies such as actions, configuration elements, and resource elements.

vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) AWS Plugin Bug - EC2DescribeTagsResult

As I recently worked on a customer request, it was discovered that the vRealize Orchestrator AWS Plugin may have a bug which blocks the ability to describe tags within EC2 and to iterate over the tags and use the information.

This article goes into depth about the problem with the AWS Plugin's EC2DescribeTagsResult class and how to work around it using the BaseAmazonObject.getNativeObject() method.

Execute a Script from Resource Element

This workflow chains together the  previous “Copy Resource To Guest” workflow example with the out of the box “Run program in guest” workflow to do both steps – first copy a script from a resource element to a guest and then execute it.  The workflow takes the resource element as an input as well as the path to the executable required to execute the script.

Copy a File From Resource Element to a VM

This workflow is useful as a utility workflow that can convert a file stored in a resource element into a file on a guest VM.  This is done first by saving the file from the resource element to the local file system of the vRealize Orchestrator appliance.  From there it is copied into a guest VM’s file system using the VMware Host Guest Filesystem (HGFS) interface of VM Tools.

PowerShell Command Workflow: Installing the Windows Update Services Feature

Another example in the PowerShell one-line command library--we show how to add a one line PowerShell command to your workflow library that will handle installing the Windows Update Services feature in a Windows guest VM.

Creating a Hello World Workflow in vRealize Orchestrator (vRO)

Get a tutorial on creating your first workflow in vRealize Orchestrator - the ever-cliched "Hello World" example.  In this tutorial you will learn how to create a workflow, add a scriptable task to log some output, and execute it to see the fruits of your labor.