vRealize Orchestrator

vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) AWS Plugin Bug - EC2DescribeTagsResult

As I recently worked on a customer request, it was discovered that the vRealize Orchestrator AWS Plugin may have a bug which blocks the ability to describe tags within EC2 and to iterate over the tags and use the information.

This article goes into depth about the problem with the AWS Plugin's EC2DescribeTagsResult class and how to work around it using the BaseAmazonObject.getNativeObject() method.

PowerShell Command Workflow: Installing the Web Services Feature (IIS)

Buiding on our previous "Execute Powershell Command" workflow example, we show how to add a one line PowerShell command to your workflow library that will handle installing the Web Services feature (IIS) in a Windows guest VM.

Executing a One-Line PowerShell Command with a vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) Workflow

In this tutorial we cover the creation of a workflow that can be used to execute a one-line PowerShell command inside a guest Windows operating system.  This workflow can be used as a building block workflow to build a library of one-line PowerShell commands that can aid in the automation and orchestration of VM management tasks.